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Charged with crimes or misdemeanors in Clark County, Nevada? You have rights. Contact us at (702) 388-1216.

When your freedom is at stake due to a criminal charge, investigation, or warrant, you need to exercise extreme caution. Your future is at risk if you are convicted. It is important to protect yourself as early on as possible by retaining the services of an experienced Henderson criminal defense attorney. 

At Dempsey, Roberts & Smith, we will fight to get you the best possible outcome. We will work to reduce or dismiss charges and do everything we can to keep you out of jail. If you are facing charges related to DUI, assault, battery, drugs, domestic violence, theft, or other criminal charges, we can help. Contact our criminal defense lawyers today at (702) 388-1216 to see how we can serve you.

Types of Cases Our Henderson Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help With

Our criminal defense lawyers defend people facing criminal charges in a variety of settings, from traffic violations to serious felony offenses in municipal courts and district courts. You can count on our Henderson criminal defense attorneys to fight for you if you are facing charges ranging from drunk driving to first-degree murder. 

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)/Drunk Driving

DUI charges are among the most commonly filed crimes in Henderson, Nevada and the nearby city of Las Vegas. Many people underestimate the effect of alcohol and drugs on their driving. In addition to jail time, fines, court costs, driving school, and other conditions of probation, these cases may also impact your DMV driving record and insurance rates in the future. In these cases, our attorneys are fully prepared to present the strongest defense to get you back on the road.  

Domestic Violence

Every family faces different types of stress. When parents are struggling financially, raising children, working jobs, and having communication problems, it can build pressure in a relationship and result in verbal disputes and physical violence. You could face prison time, community service, fines, and batterers’ intervention programs if you’re charged with domestic battery, corporal injury, or felony domestic violence. Courts may also issue protective orders in these cases. Couples who love each other never expect to be in a domestic violence situation, but sometimes partnerships become unhealthy and intervention is vital. Protecting you from prosecution and defending he-said, she-said situations is our number one priority. 

Theft/Property Crimes

We handle cases of theft involving money, cars, consumer goods, and other valuable property. Theft of property valued at $1,200 or more with the intent of depriving the true owner of the property is considered grand theft. Prosecutors need to demonstrate that the items were taken, not loaned, and that the defendant had the intent to keep the items permanently. If you have a legal right to possess the property that you are accused of stealing, or if you borrowed it, we may present those defenses.

Violent Crimes

When someone hits, kicks, punches, or uses unlawful contact upon someone it is a battery. An assault is placing someone in imminent fear of being kicked, punched, or having unlawful contact used against him or her. People don’t usually plan to get into a fight, but when emotions run high or alcohol is involved we see it a lot in the cities of Las Vegas and Henderson. In many cases, these events occur in groups, but witnesses are reluctant to get involved. Our attorneys investigate such cases immediately to determine whether the accused’s actions were in defense of themselves or others.

Drug Crimes

Our firm frequently represents clients accused of possessing or abusing opiate drugs, such as heroin, oxycontin, and oxycodone. Charges for possession of methamphetamine, cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, klonopin, and xanax are also common. Some charges can be diverted under statutory law if a client commits to a drug treatment plan. Whenever possible, our attorneys help clients avoid punishment while improving their lives.

Our Henderson Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help You if You’ve Been Involved in: 

  • Battery 
  • DUI
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Selling/Possession
  • Sexual Assault
  • Auto Theft
  • Bad Check
  • Prostitution
  • Conspiracy
  • Burglary
  • Stalking
  • Child Abuse

Types of Henderson, Nevada Criminal Law Offenses

There are three primary categories of offenses under Nevada law:


There is no jail time for these public offenses. An example of an infraction is a basic traffic violation. In these cases, a fine is usually paid, and those who are cited do not have the right to a jury trial or a public defender.


Offenses of this kind are punishable by up to a year in a county jail and by a fine, generally not exceeding $1,000 to $2,000. Crimes such as trespassing and public intoxication can often be charged as misdemeanors.


Crimes in this category are considered the most serious. Felonies can result in prison time, although some can be punished by probation. This category includes crimes such as drug offenses, felony DUI, serious assault, domestic violence, manslaughter, and murder.

Many crimes fall in between misdemeanors and felonies, and may be charged as either. The offender’s prior convictions and aggravating circumstances, such as the use of a weapon, may affect whether a crime is charged as a felony or misdemeanor.

Why You Should Consult a Henderson Criminal Defense Attorney if You Are Arrested

When you receive a summons or are physically arrested, it is important to remember you have a right to remain silent and to exercise that right. Too many clients have been led to believe that they need to explain their situation—you don’t. In law enforcement situations, all you need to say is, “I wish to remain silent and would like to speak to my lawyer, please.” You will be held accountable for any statement you make. Contact us immediately so we can handle speaking with law enforcement and the District Attorney’s office.

What is a Summons? Summons Versus Arrests

A summons may be issued or you may be placed in the custody of law enforcement agents; regardless, you have been arrested. In a summons, the Court instructs you to appear at a certain time and place to answer the charges made against you—this is a non-custodial arrest. A summons is an arrest order, placing you under the control of the courts. You have been charged with a crime and may face jail time as well as a criminal conviction. Receiving a summons doesn’t mean you are in a safer position than someone who is physically detained.

Our Criminal Defense Team Will Advocate on Your Behalf

You can count on our legal team to act as your guide and advocate. Our Henderson criminal defense attorneys review evidence, present a plea (if appropriate), analyze the prosecutor’s case, assess the potential sentences, review search and seizure procedures, and interview witnesses. In addition, defense counsel can provide advice on possible implications of a plea, conviction, or criminal record.

As criminal lawyers, we also assist our clients in dealing with the stress and uncertainty that result from being put into the criminal justice system. In the event that a trial is not appropriate, our team is well versed in successfully negotiating plea agreements. These agreements can include lower charges or reduce sentences. 

A combination of factors, such as overcrowded jails, political pressure, and busy court calendars, has resulted in negotiation becoming an increasingly important aspect of the criminal justice system. Our criminal defense lawyers have the experience to effectively negotiate on behalf of our clients to obtain results that are beneficial to them.

How to Find the Right Henderson, Nevada Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal conviction can have lifelong repercussions. While defendants in criminal cases are entitled to a public defender, choosing a private attorney allows them to select an advocate with the experience and track record needed to safeguard their interests. You should, however, carefully vet all potential candidates for representation.

To determine the right lawyer for you, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • How long has the attorney been practicing law?
  • How much experience does the attorney have with criminal law?
  • Has the attorney handled a case similar to yours?

By asking these important questions, you can ensure that you find the best possible Henderson, Nevada criminal defense attorney for your needs.

Our Henderson Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Here to Serve Your Needs

It is important to realize that even a minor offense may have a permanent impact on your reputation and future. An offense that seems trivial can have a negative impact on your ability to secure a home or job in the future. 

At your first opportunity, call our criminal defense attorneys to get the best team of lawyers, investigators, and paralegals in your corner. Contact our team today at (702) 388-1216 to get the representation that you deserve.