Tonnette B.

I am writing this testimonial in regards to the great service I have repeatedly received from the Dempsey, Roberts and Smith law firm. From handling my traffic tickets, which Attorney (Karen) Grant-Head does an absolutely fantastic job at, to my most recent situation in which Attorney Kristyn J. Travis went into action immediately after receiving my call. She gave me great advice and wrote an awesome demand letter to the company I was having a problem with. She gave the company 10 days to resolve the dispute, and I happy to report the company resolve the situation with me within the 10 days and I received a full refund. That’s what I call having an attorney on my side. I’m not rich but since my membership is so affordable, I am able to even the playing field when comes to legal and traffic issues with Attorneys Grant-Head, Attorney Travis, along with the entire staff of Dempsey, Roberts and Smith on my team.