Trent S.

Dave Matheny has been a reliable, and efficient resource regarding my contracts. Over the last couple of months I have needed major help in getting a number of legal contracts in order and ready to use. I was pleasantly surprised when (almost every single time) I gave Dave a contract, that it was back to me within hours of my sending it. The first contract probably took the longest having sent it to him toward the latter half of the day, and getting it back early the next day. Not only did Dave provide the legal data I needed but went through and found punctuation, grammar, font, and spacing mistakes to make my documents look as professional as he made them sound. Dave is knowledgeable and understanding of what I need, which made and still makes my dealing with him easy and low stress. In short customer service is everything to me and Dave Matheny has gone above and beyond what I expected. Thanks Dave, you’re AWESOME!!!