What Happens After A Traffic Violation in Nevada?

What Happens After A Traffic Violation in Nevada

It is likely that you already know some general information about traffic laws, such as wearing a seatbelt and not texting while driving. However, did you know that even seemingly minor offenses can result in severe penalties? Working with an attorney is essential in these cases.


People often ask: “Is a speeding ticket a misdemeanor?” In Nevada, the answer is ‘no’ – not anymore. Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak decriminalized most traffic offenses, including speeding, in July of 2021. Although speeding is dangerous, it is generally punishable by a maximum $500 fine in Nevada. There is, however, an exception under NRS 484B.600 for drivers who exceed the limit by more than 30 miles per hour. Speeding at extreme levels can result in a misdemeanor charge and arrest.

Do traffic violations constitute crimes? 

Depending on the nature of the traffic offense, the answer will vary. As a result, most traffic violations are classified as “infractions” rather than criminal offenses. In fact, the majority of traffic violations in Nevada are not criminal offenses rather they are civil infractions. It does not mean, however, that they shouldn’t be taken seriously. Civil traffic offenses in Nevada can result in fines and, depending on a driver’s history of previous violations, even license suspension.

However, a driver can be charged with a crime for more serious traffic offenses. Criminal traffic offenses fall into two broad categories: misdemeanors and felonies. While misdemeanors in Nevada are not as severe as felonies, they still have the potential to lead to jail time. Felony criminal defenses are the most serious types of criminal traffic violations. In general, traffic violations become misdemeanors or felonies if they result in injury to an individual or destruction of property. The minimum sentence for felonies in Nevada is one year in prison and there are some felonies that can carry much harsher penalties. 

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